by Manel Guerrero

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All songs by Manel Guerrero.
Produced by Manel Guerrero & Vicen Martinez

Recorded at and WickedSound (BCN) between June and October 2016*
Mixed by Vicen Martinez at*
Master by Tomi Perez at Boo Boo's Music

*Except "Beautyfooled", recorded and mixed at my home-studio


released December 15, 2016

Manel Guerrero - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Percussion
Gabo Urdiales - Drums
Vicen Martinez - Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Lapsteel and Percussion.

Cover design by Maria García (

Thanks to all those have been somehow involved in creating this album, either with their advice, their work, their help or their patience!
Hope you enjoy!




all rights reserved


Manel Guerrero Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: The Singing Comet

Rarely seen
At this side of the Sun
Orbiting free
From time to time
No one heeds to my song, but I don’t mind.

But while I’m singing
I’m gonna shine
If I keep transmitting
Ain’t gonna fall
I’m just a blip at the stars, but I don’t mind
But I don’t mind.
Track Name: Easier

We use to crash
And miss the past
We use to leave it standing alone
Our lazy eyes
Fixed on the ground
They couldn’t see what comes from above
The trees that hide
The crimes around
We use to shelter ours in their shadow

As we don’t know where the meteor is gonna fall
What if we come along
And leave out the shields because
It may carry behind a brand new start
Of things much easier
Better than we had (before)

Before a hit
Of such speed
There isn’t time to utter a single word
The breath of our dreams
They couldn’t get a link
Maybe they need to wait for a new world

As we don’t know....
Track Name: Somebody Else

You were flying a plane
I sat on the last car of the train
You found somebody else
Offered me your hand
From the other side of the fence
And you found somebody else

It’ll never be the same
I’ll never reach the top of your hill
Since you’re with somebody else

You wrote me some words
that I haven't read years on
It was really hard for me to understand
I tried it thousand times
but couldn’t get the rhymes
repeatedly asking me to pretend
Being somebody else

Get me out of those days
Set me aside the life I’ll only live
Being somebody else
Being somebody else
Track Name: Day Off

I’m driven by something stuck in my head
Ravings of a restless mind
Though likes going to his own ,
as you’re invited
No need for suitcases, the engine is burning
you should throw a dart to the map at the wall
And just tell me where we are going

We’d better go out, We’d better be wrong
We’d better not tell to anyone
It’s only a Day Off and it won’t last long
We’d better go blind, till our feet feel the shore
We’d better try not to be exposed
It’s only a Day Off, only a Day Off

We don’t take pictures although we look so good
We walk the line we should never cross
But as time comes up we’re getting closer
We’re carried on long walks, rolling on long talks
The things that we said
will part with the tide
And diluted in the ocean

We’d better go out,...

And we don’t need a reason why.
Track Name: Beautyfooled

Beautyfooled, you’re shining frozen statue
Beautyfooled, some flame is dying in the void within you

Beautyfooled, don’t you feel time is melting too soon?
Beautyfooled, don’t you see something traps the cocoon?

Wingless horse that pulls the plow
Working tirelessly to bury all the scars

Lonely wave that hits the shore
Falling majesty, that leaves a single drop

Beautyfooled, you’re a chinese vase on the roof
Beautyfooled, tell me where I have to scratch to take away the cellophane that covers you